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Monday , 19 August 2019
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13 Biggest Romantic Cliffhangers of the 2018-2019 TV Season

Now that the 2018-2019 TV Season has come to a close, it's time to reflect on the ship-related moments that have us impatiently waiting for the fall.

There were break ups, make ups, and even a few life or death situations that put us into panic-mode. 

17 of the Most Swoon-Worthy Scenes of the 2018-2019 TV Season

Our favorite shows may have just gone on break, but we're already desperate for them to start up again. 

We created a slideshow below of 13 of the biggest romantic cliff hangers of the season!

1. Lucifer and Chloe – Lucifer

After years of slow burn, Chloe finally told Lucifer that she loves him. It would have been the best moment in the show’s history if Lucifer didn’t have to return to hell directly after Chloe’s confession. The pain is real.

2. Reynolds and Bloom – New Amsterdam

Reynolds sees blooms wreck new amsterdam
Reynolds and Bloom have a complicated relationship, to say the least. After proposing to his girlfriend Evie, Reynolds passes by a major car accident. Bloom was involved in the wreck, and Reynolds takes off towards the ambulances, leaving both the audience and Reynolds unsure of her fate.

3. Liam and Fallon – Dynasty

Liam and fallon dynasty
After Liam and Fallon finally got together, Adam sent an anonymous letter informing Fallon that Liam had a 10-year-old child. When Liam confronted Adam about it, he bashed Adam in the back of the head and locked him up in the pool closet. When Liam finally got out, he was so disoriented, he fell face-down into the pool while Fallon was hashing out other family drama.

4. Miles and Cara – God Friended Me

Miles and cara god friended me
Cara was worried about going to Paris because since her relationship with Miles was so new. But Miles encouraged her to take it because “he’d be here when she got back.” Long-distance is never easy, but hopefully, they’ll be able to figure it out.

5. Jeremy and Caitlin – PLL: The Perfectionists

Jeremy and caitlin pll the perfectionists
It’s a bit awkward when you think your boyfriend is a murderer so you cover for your friend when she shoots him, only to discover your boyfriend was innocent. Caitlin never stopped loving Jeremy, but is this something he can ever forgive her for?

6. Will and Natalie – Chicago Med

Will and natalie chicago med
Just as Phillip was about to propose to her, Natalie flagged Will down in his car to talk. At that moment, Tim drove his car straight into Will’s tossing Natalie a few feet off. With his head gushing blood, Will crawled out of the car to get her.

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