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Thursday , 23 January 2020
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13 Funniest Pictures of Celebrities’ Photobombing Regular People

Paparazzis live night and day chasing after Hollywood celebrities’ gossip. People wait for hours to get a crumb photo of their favorite stars.  And when you least expect it, a celebrity sneak up into their frames – Making the most hilarious photobombs.  Here are 13 funny pictures of the best celebrity photobombs:

The Queen Elizabeth II

© jaydetaylo

Two unsuspected Olympic athletes are just to take a selfie together, and suddenly, the British Monarch sneaks into the frame. It was such an iconic thing; no wonder the Guardian newspaper called it one of best selfies of 2014.

Bruce Springsteen – Born in the photobomb

© jaapgrol
© jaapgrol

Bruce Springsteen’s concert in Sydney, Australia; everyone is trying to get a selfie, and when you notice; Bruce Springsteen stopped everything and it’s pointing at you. Another photo from a different angle shows how bizarre the moment was.

Bill Gates

© ew00d

He is known for his mild-manner seriousness. But he can also be very mischievous. When this gentleman tried to take a selfie in front of Microsoft sign, Bill Gates sneaked in.

Sylvester Stallone

© Imgur

You are posing for a photo with Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger terminates it (because he is the Terminator). I know, such a piece of comedy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

© Y-G2006

Arnold Schwarzenegger –the terminator of photos– spoiling a group photo in front of the Eiffel Tower.

 Leonardo DiCaprio

© Instagram

A wild Leonardo DiCaprio appearing when you least expect it.

Nicolas Cage

© veragr

Vera Graziadei tried to take a picture with her baby when this widely unknown guy spoiled it.

Elijah Wood

© Mike

Elijah Wood is an expert in photobombing other people’s photos.

Justine Timberlake

© ewoks

It is impossible to take a selfie in a Justin Timberlake’s concert without him in it.

Bill Clinton

Even a presidential photobomb in our list! But geez, slow it down Bill, don’t be such a creep.

Aaron Paul

© arkyd

Jesse Pinkman is too high on the moment to let this couple’s selfie pass by.

Micheal Cera

© eonline

Micheal Cera has turned photobombing into an art – Seriously, search for ‘Micheal Cera photobombs’ on Google. You won’t be disappointed.

Alia Shawkat – with bonus Cera bomb

Our beloved Alia Shawkat. Maybe it wasn’t intentional of her side at all, showing with more of an ‘unexpecting the moment’ face – But that skinny lad behind. Oh, we all know what he was aiming for.


Here is just the best of the best of celebrity photobombing regular people. But, what happens when celebrities are the ones getting photobombed in their photos? You can check it out here.

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