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13 Male and Female Friendships That Are Strictly Platonic

One main source of adversity among television fans is whether males and females can be friends without it becoming romantic.

The best relationships are often built on strong friendships, so if anything, the friends to lovers trope is one that should be encouraged.

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However, we put together some examples to prove that there are friendships out there that stay just that.

Check out our slideshow of 13 male and female friendships that are strictly platonic. 

1. Prairie and Steve – The OA

There’s a large age difference here so romance wouldn’t have even been on the table anyway. But that doesn’t stop Praire and Steve’s platonic relationship from being a special and heartfelt part of The OA.

2. Jackson and Ramona – Fuller House

Jackson and ramona fuller house
They may live in the same house, but these two are in no way related. But their living situation did create a brother/sister type of vibe between them that makes their bickering sibling-like and not at all flirtatious.

3. Jake and Rosa – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake and rosa brooklyn nine nine
Jake and Rosa have been friends for years without even an inkling of romance ever happening between them. These best bros single-handedly prove that platonic relationships are just as powerful as romantic ones.

4. Ava and Dylan – The Perfectionists

Ava and dylan the perfectionists
Dylan may not be interested in girls anyway, but that doesn’t change the fact that the relationship between Ava and Dylan is a platonic one, while still being one of the strongest points of the show.

5. Holmes and Watson – Elementary

Holmes and watson elementary
Holmes and Watson were always meant to be partners and nothing more. They work well together, always have each other’s backs, and it doesn’t feel necessary to add romance to the mix.

6. Ron and Leslie – Parks and Recreation

Ron and leslie parks and recreation
The thought of these two ever getting together is still insane to this day. We don’t know a more platonic relationship than Ron and Leslie. Their interactions were hilarious, and their support for each other was one of the best parts of Parks and Rec.

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