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Monday , 17 June 2019
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23 Seemingly Unlikable Characters Who Won Our Hearts

You know what they say, don't judge a book by its cover.

Although a character may start out as rather obnoxious or annoying, sometimes their story just hasn't had a chance to be told.

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There's always more than meets the eye, and watching a character develop can be one of the best parts of a series.

We created a slide show below of 23 seemingly unlikable characters who won our hearts! 

1. Conrad Hawkins – The Resident

He may have seemed like an asshole at the beginning of the show, but Conrad is really the most loveable doctor in the world. All he does is care for others and save lives, and he looks good doing it.

2. John Murphy – The 100

John murphy the 100
Murphy was the worst in the first season of The 100. In fact, there were times we wanted him gone. But as the show went on, he became not only the comedic relief but a person who puts others over himself.

3. Ava Jalali – PLL: The Perfectionists

Ava jalali pll the perfectionists
She’s not the privileged and carefree girl she first appeared to be when she was introduced in Alison’s classroom. It turns out that Ava is a complex character who works hard to pave her own path in life. In fact, she’s arguably the best character on The Perfectionists.

4. Klaus Hargreeves – The Umbrella Academy

Klaus hargreeves the umbrella academy
He may have seemed off at the beginning of the series, but Klaus had a good reason for the way he acted. He’s the best part of The Umbrella Academy and he deserves all the love and happiness in the world.

5. Cheryl Blossom – Riverdale

Cheryl blossom riverdale
Cheryl was Riverdale’s resident mean girl. And she kind of still is more or less. But Cheryl is also unique, fun, and her one-liners are absolutely hilarious. She has more depth than any of the other characters combined and she’s the most interesting thing about the show.

6. Alex Karev – Grey’s Anatomy

Alex karev greys anatomy
Alex was an asshole for seasons and there’s no denying it. But after a lot of character development, he became an amazing doctor, a loving husband, and Meredith’s best friend.

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