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Thursday , 22 August 2019
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Dr. Mario World release dates, gameplay details announced

Nintendo is bringing Dr. Mario to mobile devices with Dr. Mario World, a new spin on the puzzle game series. Dr. Mario World will be released for Android and iOS devices on July 10, Nintendo announced on Monday.

In addition to confirming a release date, Nintendo also explained how Dr. Mario World will play — and how the mobile game will be monetized — in a new video. Dr. Mario World’s basic rules follow the previous games’ classic color-matching mechanics: destroy viruses by lining up similarly colored medicine capsules. But instead of falling, the pills in Dr. Mario World will float upward, and players will have a variety of skills, items, and power-ups at their disposal to help them complete stages.

This time, Dr. Mario isn’t the only physician in town. In Dr. Mario World, he’ll be joined by characters like Dr. Peach, Dr. Toad, Dr. Yoshi, and Dr. Bowser, each of whom will have their own special powers. Peach, for example, can clear a column at random.

In addition to showing off gameplay, Nintendo explained how Dr. Mario World’s monetization will work. Mobile puzzle gamers will find familiar money-making strategies at play; gameplay is limited by a stamina meter (hearts will refill over time), and players can purchase a premium currency (diamonds) to buy power-ups or more medicine capsules if they run out.

Android and iOS users can pre-order the free-to-play Dr. Mario World from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store now. Nintendo promises five worlds to play through at launch, with more levels coming to the game over time.

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