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Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Xbalanque

The devilishly handsome Reyes brothers returned on the outs on Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 1.

Season two kicked off with the brothers headed in two separate directions with EZ getting more involved with the club and Angel focusing his attention on Adelita. 

We learned that it has been eight months since Angel helped EZ get rid of their cousin Agent Jimenez on Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 10 and all is not well.

Family Bonds - Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 1

Potter wiped the slate clean and erased EZ’s record meaning he could have a fresh start anywhere he wanted. Angel agreed to help on one condition, EZ had to leave the M.C. and leave Santo Padre. It was a deal that the younger brother failed to follow through on, subsequently putting them at odds. 

Not only is Angel angry with EZ, but he is also angry with their father, Felipe, and refuses to speak to him as well. There’s a part of Angel that wants the best for EZ, wants to protect him, but there’s another part of him that holds resentment towards EZ for being the “golden boy.” 

The M.C. is dangerous, and Angel feels that EZ was destined for a different life, but at the same time he comes across as jealous and afraid that EZ is going to outshine him where the club is concerned. 

Charter Presidents - Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 1

EZ has a gentle nature and a kindness about him, and we all know there’s nothing better than a bad boy with a good heart. Well, in the land of make-believe anyway. 

When EZ saved Alvarez from being shot by tackling and strangling one of Hobart’s men, he seemed just as surprised by his actions as the club members were. 

Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Cuervo/Tz’ikb’uul

As the club members stood by watching they seemed taken aback by the level of violence EZ exhibited, but also like they developed a new respect for him because of it. 

As EZ stared at his battered and bloody hands in shock and Coco’s earlier statement of “lighten up boy scout. It ain’t no fun if it can’t kill you” came to mind.

While EZ may have been nervous about transporting drugs for Galindo, that was nothing compared to his fight to the death with Hobart’s crew member. 

Potter: Not many butcher shops with a classic literature section.
Felipe: I know who you are.
Potter: Obviously, a meat-eater. Of course, you know who I am. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a man with your experience.
Felipe: This about my son?
Potter: Actually, it’s about you, Ignacio. And your days as an inspector in División Antidrogas. I have so many questions. I truly hope that Ezekiel gets his eidetic memory from you.

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EZ’s disconnect with Angel isn’t the only battle he’s facing right now since he believes that he has discovered his mothers murderer. 

Any fellow Sons of Anarchy fans following along with me?

I lived and breathed for Sons of Anarchy. It was my favorite show, and I was devastated when it ended. 

Felipe Or Ignacio - Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 1

Who else was excited to see characters from SOA cross over to Mayans?   

Who else was upset when it was revealed that Happy might be responsible for Marisol’s death? Cue the tears! 

Anyone familiar with Kurt Sutter knows to expect death, death, and more death, but I don’t want Happy to be killed off.

Happy: Four dozen.
Chuckie: Four times twelve is forty-eight.
Prospect: Yeah, thanks, Rainman.
Chuckie: You’re most welcome.
Happy: We miss you, Chuckie.
Chuckie: Can I ask you a question, Hap?
Happy: You got to talk to Chibs.
Chuckie: Not about the bag. I thought Jax wanted you guys out of the gun business.
Happy: The transition’s taking longer than we thought. It’s a lot at stake.

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There were so few characters that survived SOA, so please don’t bring them from Charming to Santo Padre and kill some more. Looking at you Sutter!  

It feels like that’s where this storyline is going. Maybe EZ could have been wrong about who he saw the night Marisol died, but when Happy was meeting with Chucky, and Felipe arrived, it was obvious he was involved. 

The final nail in that coffin got driven when Happy was at home and pulled out the two files he has on Marisol and Felipe. We know that Happy is a killer. He’s got plenty of smiley face tattoos covering his torso as proof, but why Marisol? 

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Felipe used to work for the Galindo cartel and was also an inspector. Perhaps Happy was instructed to murder them both, but why? And by whom? 

Happy may now be going after Felipe, and at the same time, EZ will be coming for him. Who knows what is going to happen now! 

And since Bishop urged EZ to resolve his problem with Angel, EZ finally decided to share his discovery with him.

Angel: What are you doing here?
EZ: We have to talk, Angel.
Angel: There’s nothing to talk about.
EZ: Yeah, there is.
Angel: What’s your sponsor saying? Golden boy didn’t get the votes he needs?
EZ: I don’t give a fuck about the vote.
Angel: If this is about Pop, man, stay out of it. Its none of your fucking business.
EZ: It’s not about Pop. It’s about Mom.
Angel: What?
EZ: I know who killed her.

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Golden Boy - Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 1

If Angel can pry himself away from Adelita then both Reyes brothers may be going after Happy, and it’s anyone’s guess who’s going to come out on top. 

Speaking of Adelita, it was surprising to learn that she is pregnant. Angel seems to have fallen madly in love with her and wants to protect her at all costs, but it’s yet to be determined if she can be trusted. 

I mean, is the baby Angel’s? That would be the first guess, but Emily’s question to Miguel about Adelita revealing who fathered the child is cause for concern. 

Miguel: Listen, I am so sorry about today.
Emily: Where were you?
Miguel: There were some complications. The rebels. I was on the other side.
Emily: You were with Adelita?
Miguel: Yes.
Emily: This whole time?
Miguel: Alvarez and me.
Emily: You should get some sleep. You look exhausted.
Miguel: Yeah, I am.
Emily: Has she told you who the father is yet? Adelita?
Miguel: No, I don’t think she’s told anyone.

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Emily was none too pleased that Miguel blew off Dita’s doctors appointment to take care of business with Adelita, and her tone was suspicious and accusatory. 

Surely Miguel and Adelita haven’t had an affair. They were mortal enemies before their truce, so there has to be some bad blood left. At least enough to prevent them from copulating. 

Mrs. Galindo - Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 1

Regardless, something has been going on in the Galindo household. Dita seemed to be very angry with Emily, and Miguel seemed unphased by Emily’s insistence that Dita was getting worse. 

There wasn’t an explanation for what exactly was going on with Dita, and why she was going to the doctor until she removed her wig. The back of her head and neck got badly burned, but it wasn’t revealed how that happened.

Mayans M.C. EZ Seeks Revenge in Season 2 Trailer

Emily mentioned the wildfires when talking about rebuilding; perhaps she had something to do with Dita getting burned. It is doubtful, but it would explain Dita’s disdain for Emily. 

Oh, Potter, you don’t ever go away do you? It looks like he’ll still be coming after Adelita and possibly using Felipe to do so. If Angel is the baby’s father, watch out, because Potter will find a way to use that to his advantage. 

M.C. Assassins - Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 1

Did anyone catch what the boys were spray painting at the beginning of the episode? MUROS SON PARA PERRAS. I had to use google translate, and it pulled up “walls are for bitches.” 

Kurt Sutter sure knows how to get a message across! 

Keep up with club business and watch Mayans M.C. online with us at TV Fanatic! 

Will EZ and Angel work together to avenge their mother’s murder?

Can EZ get the votes he needs to become a patched member?

Is the friction between Miguel and Emily enough to send her back to EZ?

Who is the father of Adelita’s baby?

Hit the comments below and share your thoughts!

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