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Tuesday , 22 October 2019
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New York Comic Con: Marvel Comics announces brand new Wolverine series

Marvel Comics will launch a new Wolverine ongoing series, the company announced during the X-Men: Dawn of X panel at New York Comic Con this weekend. Because it’s a new dawn for the X-Men, that doesn’t mean they’re leaving all tradition behind.

The new book, called Wolverine, will be written by Benjamin Percy (Green Arrow, Teen Titans) with art from Adam Kubert (Captain America, Superman: Up In the Sky) and Victor Bogdonavic (New Super-Man, Action Comics).

The fast-healing mutant himself only recently returned from the dead, — a feat lately becoming common for the X-Men. After that, he spent some time with Loki, on a search for an Infinity Stone after a future version of himself told him to. Now, in House of X, he is reunited with the X-Men at long last.

“I couldn’t be more eager to put my own slash-mark on this legacy character, joined by one of the most iconic artists who’s ever hit the page, Adam Kubert,” Percy said at the panel.

Wolverine is the first book to be announced in the second wave of new X-Men titles spinning out of Jonathan Hickman’s House of X and Powers of X. The first wave of books will kick off on Oct. 16 with X-Men #1, followed by Marauders, Excalibur, New Mutants, X-Force, and Fallen Angels. So far, Wolverine is the only solo series to be a part of the new X-Men lineup.

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